I love to help people!

As a child of 8 years old, after suffering traumatic loses and experiences, I had a life changing experience (which I only remembered towards the end of writing my book) that some might call on epiphany. Looking out of my bedroom window one night I saw the moon through the willow tree and prayed to not be so lonely and confused.

I made a decision that night to write a book when I grew up that would help others with similar experiences which became The Dilemma of Love.

After a successful childhood and college my life began to unravel in my mid 20's. Up to this time with three beautiful children, I thought I have a perfect marriage. Confronted with the reality of a failing relationship I sought out a coach/counselor. She helped me clear up all my confusion and get my life turned around. She even helped with sorting out my childhood and making peace with the negatives and having gratitude for all the blessings. It was success upon success after that. I made a decision to help other people the way she helped me. Back to school I went, followed by a fulfilling career in Ct. which included a healing center. I saw it was a gift I was given and always endeavor to use it with humility and gratitude. I love success and am proud to say the rate of that in my clients is 99%. I put 100% plus into my clients and ask they do their very best. They do and yea! Happy people!

I'm told I have helped people make sense of what they were and are going through and make healthy choices around that. We make goals and attain them so they see results.

One of my specialties is animal totem therapy as well as many other effective modalities. I help people who are divorced or widowed who want to begin life again but aren't quite sure how to get started. I mentor coach those who would like to have advanced work in helping others. I assist people who think they are "over the hill" and get them to recognize their talents and abilities and have the senior part of their life come alive with satisfaction.

Since I love to see results, I love to see people make choices, take action, and commit to something's they desire.

I love to help people!

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2003-2009 Susan C. Ricketson - Tucson Arizona
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