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an article in the Arizona Daily Star on October 3, 2001

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I am honored to share these testimonials I have received. As will be evidenced, confidentiality is the bedrock of coaching and any work done with me.

When I first contacted Susan I was a complete wreck - I was extremely depressed and everything in my life was out of control. The pain from this was unbearable and frankly left me feeling I had no options. Circumstances and the way I was dealing with them was my recipe for personal disaster.

Even I find it almost unbelievable how things have changed so drastically for the positive since I have worked with Susan. She has been a coach, a trusted friend, a tutor, a navigator, and so many more things that I marvel at how she manages to do what she does. I feel that her method of working with me was so very personal - my exact feelings, my specific situation and my unique environment were her working ground - no one else's. She has an ability to extract the 'real' situation and quickly define the 'real' happenings. With her I learned I could define the fresh positive situation that I desired for myself and she assisted me in creating that. I am now feeling empowered in my life and have since begun making positive directional changes; I feel excited about my life and my future and feel happy and in harmony.

There is no arena in which Susan cannot coach. From childhood experiences, past and present relationships, my spirituality, the political ramifications in situations, my career objectives, and my personal goals. All were addressed during my time with Susan.

I have a Bachelor degree from the University of Arizona and am presently attending school to further my education. However, the knowledge I received while working with Susan has been priceless. I am proud to know her and to recommend her as a highly competent professional.

-- Ann Van Dielen
Nursing Student

"Since I have been coaching with Dr. Ricketson, my golf score has improved radically. I enjoy the game in a whole new way; I am in a more relaxed state of being. This was my first goal. I did not know how much coaching could do for me and I soon found out! Since then, I have gotten rid of all the clutter in my office by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks. It hasn't been the tedious job I anticipated. With Susan, everything ends up being a challenge instead of a job because of her style. As I eliminated energy draining things and people I was tolerating (and didn't even realize it), I have more energy and I am in the best health I have ever been in. I was spending 60 hours a week at work and now can do as much in 45 hours or less. I recommend her."

-- Donald Weiss
MBA Executive

"I recommend Dr. Susan Ricketson for coaching or other modalities she offers. I am a work in progress since I have only been coaching for 6 months. I have accomplished a number of my short-term goals and am working toward my long term ones. I have developed an exercise program and I am stronger, firmer and slimmer as a result. My practice is successful, yet my office and staff needed some attention. I made some significant changes and the office is running efficiently with an upbeat attitude. I was caught in what I call excessive commercialism and collecting (sounds better than compulsive spending and hoarding) and truly need nothing materially at this time. I have come out of that and have developed some very rich experiences for my family and myself as well. My spiritual life has become more grounded and richer. I have the inner peace now that I used to seek."

-- Dr. Carl Torelli
Internist Family Practice

"My experience with Dr. Ricketson has been a physically, mentally and spiritually important one. In a few short months, I have come a long way in accomplishing my weight loss goal and have added walking as part of my daily routine. I have found a partner, who I think is my soul mate and am mentally clear to make healthy decisions in this relationship. I see the many choices I have and usually know what is best for me. I have had poor romantic relationships in the past in that I would put up with unacceptable behavior and then fell bad about myself. Now I feel my self-esteem is where it needs to be. ..great! There is a general change about myself; I have a feeling of peace and continue to develop spiritually. Coaching is definitely the most effective type of personal work I have ever found and I have done many workshops and therapies. I cannot recommend more highly this wise woman who puts so much into her coaching."

-- Carol Hansen

"Working with Dr. Ricketson was a powerful, enlightening experience. She is insightful, compassionate, and cuts right to the heart of any issue! She is particularly adept at understanding male issues and bringing to them a fresh perspective. Before I came to Dr. Ricketson, I was confused about my relationships, and unsure of what career I wanted to pursue. We worked to overcome influences from my past that were holding me back and to embrace new, expansive ways of living. She helped me to transform my life, open myself to healthy, loving relationships, and identify and follow my career dreams. The results have been wonderful. I consider anyone lucky who has a chance to work with such a talented, committed professional."

-- Anonymous,
 Post-graduate professional

"There have been many people who have helped me in my life. But no one has been more instrumental than Susan Ricketson in helping me move beyond the pain of my past and change the parts of my life that had held me back or kept me unhealthy. Her style made me feel comfortable enough to open up about things I had only shared with my wife and even some things my wife never knew.

She has an amazing gift that allows her to know whether someone is honestly 'on track' or in need of firm confrontation to face the difficult issues. Susan helped me uncover my unhealthy patterns. Through her I not only learned to identify these patterns but also how to support myself, and even parent myself through them when they arose.

Susan at times gently guided, and when necessary pressed hard to bring about a new revelation. My life would be much different and much less rich without her. I recall the saying 'Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime'. She has taught me how to fish. She has taught me how to be a friend to myself. In doing so I am a more present person for all the people in my life.

Susan brought a broad range of ideas and approaches to our sessions. She showed me a variety of ways, and patiently waited for me to chose the path I would like. I believe she has what it takes to help anyone with anything they present or would have in their deepest hopes and dreams. She is a rare, wonderfully nurturing person who renews my faith in humankind every time I talk with her."

-- Michael P. Morin, AIA

"It is an honor to recommend Dr. Susan Ricketson as a Life Coach. I first met Dr. Ricketson in June of l992. That was a very low point in my life. I had become extremely dependent on a very unhealthy person, and my life was pretty much being destroyed. I was unable to extricate myself from the relationship. At that time Dr. Ricketson was running sever therapy groups. I became part of a group, which in turn, opened many new doors for me. I also saw her in private sessions. I worked with her for three years, and during the latter part of that time it was truly a spiritual experience. Dr. Ricketson then relocated to Tucson, Arizona. We remained in contact both professionally and personally.

Last year I called Dr. Ricketson thinking that I might be able to have a session over the phone. It had become apparent to me that I was stuck in an unhealthy pattern in my career in teaching. Talk about synchronicity, Dr. Ricketson then explained to me that she thought coaching would be appropriate for me and offered the program to me. I made a commitment to participate in coaching, and continued with it over the phone coaching sessions for five months. I was not only able to break out of my unhealthy pattern, but I also began an exercise program, became admitted to a post baccalaureate program at a university, attained better communication with my husband, as well as more confidence in myself and my capabilities, more than even before. The are life changes that I know I would still be procrastinating about or never would have fulfilled if I hadn't done coaching.

Dr. Ricketson is not only a warm and loving person, but is an absolutely fabulous life coach! Her skills, and her life experience make her an invaluable asset."

-- Anna M. Saylor
Special Education Teacher
Pittsboro, North Carolina

"Life coaching with Dr. Susan Ricketson has been a transforming experience in just a few months. With her guidance, I have been able to create specific goals for personal and professional life and turn them into action. Her expertise and background have give me insight into how my behavior patterns have kept me 'stuck' in different areas of my life. Her coaching has allowed me to let go of irrational guilt and to stand up for myself. I am able to address my needs more clearly and create more effective professional and personal relationships. Her life coaching is not about 'hashing up' the past. It's all about moving forward in your life to create dreams and follow them."

-- Heidi Carlson
Personal Trainer and Myotherapist

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an article in the Arizona Daily Star on October 3, 2001

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