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Dilemma Of Love

Love can be a complex issue in anyone's life. For many, it can be a great feeling until problems begin to show up. For some it can seem like an impossible dream. With profound insights and practical suggestions, this book helps you distinguish between healthy, fulfilling love and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, which can lead to anguish and illness. It shows the difference between real/effective love and pseudo love: attitudes and behavior that go under the tricky guise of love, but are destructive and eroding to a relationship. Knowing the difference is essential to our health: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

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Dr. Ricketson's book is based in multi-generational patterns of behaviors and attitudes, which come down through the years without much thought or insight. Many have never been taught what it takes to develop a happy, meaningful relationship/marriage/parent-child bond. We either follow what our parents role modeled or go to the extreme of determination not be anything like them. This can be eroding and often destroy what we hoped was going to be satisfying.

True love is the bedrock of our ability to experience life in all of it's complexities and handle with confidence the difficult times as well as enjoy the good times. This book gives specific details to assist the reader in their search for identifying real love. The chapters on relating to children and senior adults are unique and helpful. Anyone looking for a soul mate relationship will find answers here.

Dilemma Of Love contains exercises to support one's understanding and development in real love and it is full of solutions and answers. There are client stories to back this up as well regarded theories. It is not only chock full of crucial information, it is sprinkled with the author's own experiences and wisdom.

You may purchase an autographed copy by going to my Dr. Susan Ricketson website.

Dilemma Of Love, By Susan C. Ricketson, PhD

Readers' Reviews and Comments

"Read this book. A wise and courageous woman who lives what she teaches writes it. Susan and I have been colleagues and friends for almost twenty years. In this revision you will get up-to-date information on how to have a healthy relationship which is based on personal and professional knowledge and experience. This is much more than theory. This stuff works."

-- Evelyn Benoit, M.A., L.M.F.T.
West Hartford, Connecticut

"Dr. Ricketson's book is an important tool in assisting an individual to practice self-care responsibly, rather than denying one's feelings. You learn so much from this woman who is a teacher for the body, mind & soul."

-- Rita Seberle, R.N.
Tucson, AZ

"Each time I read The Dilemma of Love I am grateful that you have gone the extra mile in making your book meaningful for those who are not in your profession. …" "For me, reading The Dilemma of Love is an educational journey through a strange land."

-- Hays Malcolm Heimbaugh
Schaumburg, IL

Dr. Ricketson's book offers a rare combination of penetrating psychological insight, honest spirituality and refreshing common sense. If you want to see clearly obstacles to love and help your relationships, this is the book for you."

-- Martha Shaw, Attorney
Cleveland, Ohio

"Best book on the subject! After reading many books available on the topic of relationships, codependency, and love, the updated version is ahead of it's time. The exercises given by the author are extremely beneficial and personalized. It seems as if the author is in the room with you at all times."

-- Rhonda Stone
Tucson, AZ

"A refreshing look at relationships. I was delighted to meet this author and read her book immediately. It is a most comprehensive look at human relationships. So readable and helpful to all whom are seeking positive answers. Instead of a blur of negatives, this book gives a hopeful, human view of the vulnerabilities we all share. Great info, great read!"

 -- Ann Isobel,
Tucson, AZ

"I have read many books on relationships and this is by far the most helpful one. I keep it close by for continued guidance and support. It is written with much love and understanding of the subject of love."

-- Employee Interviewer at Insurance Company, West Hartford CT

"Dr. Ricketson covers more material and in greater depth than any other author I've read on the quest for healthy relationships. She brings clarity to problems that confound so many people in their relations with lovers, family, and friends. It's a relief to hear words such as spiritual and healing from a straightforward voice emerging from the sea of books on emotional health. If you want to read one book on the subject, this is the one!"

-- David Thurston, M.A., Ph.D. candidate

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